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Quarrington Tributes
Hockey Night in Canada aired a tribute to Paul Quarrington last night. Other tributes to the late author, who died from lung cancer last Thursday, have been pouring in all week.

Quarrington on Quarrington
The Montreal Gazette has posted two diaries written by Paul Quarrington after he was diagnosed with terminal cancer earlier this year.

Poe Toaster: Nevermore?
The Montreal Gazette also offers a curious report about the so-called Poe Toaster, a person who, for the last 61 years, has left roses and a bottle of Congac at Edgar Allen Poe's tomb during the antediluvian hours of the late poet's birthday. This year, the Toaster failed to show. Is the Poe Toaster nevermore?

Old Broads
The Afterword tells us that some delightful old bitties have been enlisted to read on video from National Post features editor Benjamin Errett's new book, Jew and Improved. The series is called Bubby Blurbs and it's a hoot.

Young Turk
Gawker has a clip of James Franco playing Allen Ginsberg in a new movie titled HOWL, which premiered at Sundance last week. Great stuff, though I do have one (tongue-in-cheek) question for directors Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Freidman: Have they ever seen Allen Ginsberg?

Imagination of the Geography (with apologies to Guy Davenport)
I don't think it is a stretch to say that George Plimpton, late publisher of The Paris Review, would have loved Dinty W. Moore's short story "Mr. Plimpton's Revenge", as told by Google maps. I know I haven't seen anything this much fun on the Internet for a while.

Hey, it's the tuxedo T-shirt of laptop cases
Cover your Mac book with a fake book. (via ZD Net)

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