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Robertson Davies long-listed for the Booker Prize!
Eh, what? That geezer is dead. The Guardian reports that Davies and others from 1971—the Booker's "lost year"—have now been nominated for a special retroactive edition of the award.

Zombie or Unicorn
Vote now. (c/o EW)

Salinger snaps
The London Times has a gallery of snapshots of the late J.D. Salinger and family. It is not made clear where they got them nor who has written the captions, though they seem to have been written by his daughter Margaret.

Crocheting Adventures with Hyperbolic Planes
Old Horace Bent is at it again. This year's oddball book title contest—known as the Bookseller/Diagram Prize—is on again at The Bookseller. Longlist released. (And yes, Crocheting Adventures with Hyperbolic Planes is real, and it's on the list.)

Here are some funny/curious stats from literary agent Nathan Bransford, who received 327, make that queries in the space of one week. (c/o L.A. Times)

e-book jug-f*** #1
The fracas over Amazon's pricing of e-books continued last week. In addition to Macmillan, now Penguin, Simon & Schuster, Harper Collins, and Hachette (publishers of the Twilight series) have all told Amazon to stuff their idiotic $9.99 pricing model. Mediamemo gives the story some concise coverage. It's doubtful Amazon is going to be able to rebound from this without having to jack up prices on e-books and thereby piss off a whole load of dumb-dumbs they suckered into buying Kindles.

e-book jug-f*** #2
One of the other gargantuan fracases around e-books also saw developments last week. It seems the US DoJ is still peeved at Google for, allegedly, violating the copyright of many, many thousands (or is it millions by now?) of authors. What is it with these annoying authors who want to actually own their own words? Wired has a decent overview.

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