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But does he know Kung Fu?
According to The Telegraph, a crackpot Scottish clairvoyant has announced to the world that author Raj Patel is the Messiah. Inundated with e-hails (that's a hail in the form on an e-mail) from the gullible, Patel has asked simply to be called Brian.

X-ray specs and sea monkeys
Novelist Rabindranath Maharaj has a charming piece in the Globe & Mail about the inspiration he took from comic books as a boy.

Pac Man will eat your TV
Or whatever else you put beside this giant Pac Man-inspired bookshelf.

An argument for self-publishing
At The Rumpus, author Steve Almond has posted an argument in favour of self publishing. He makes it all seem so simple. Kids in bands put out their own CDs every day, so why shouldn't authors publish their own books? Why not? Because trees will be cut down for the likes of this.

The long, slow death of the book shop continues
The Guardian reports that in the UK, indie bookshops are closing at a rate of about 2 per week. 102 closed in 2009.

Got an e-book reader?
Join the discussion at Wikipedia, where a page called "Comparison of e-book readers" has been created.

"I just can't get enough of this publishing industry intrigue."

Amazon's bungling of e-book pricing makes The Onion.

Chocolate kisses
Some Valentine's chocolate from me (and a few friends) to you.

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