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Overdue overkill
A few weeks ago, I posted about an absurd case in the United Police States of America in which an arrest warrant was issued for a teen with overdue library materials. Thankfully, not everyone close to the case was pleased with the situation. As reported last week on Colorado's (with video), city councilors in Littleton Colorado have now ousted Judge James Kimmel for having a 19-year-old arrested for not returning a DVD to his local library. In his defense, Kimmel says, "I think if people understand the ramifications of not returning the materials, they will return them." Riiiight, or maybe they just won't take them out to begin with. Way to encourage young people to use the library,, I mean "Judge". Whatever happened to perspective on the bench? (via Q&Q)

Read, baby, read
Beginning With Books, an organization devoted to children's literacy, has a nice little roundup of their picks for best books for babies, 2010.

Kindle lite
The Canuck e-book service Kobo has announced their entry in the e-reader wars. Though the cleverly named Kobo eReader (I guess it's better than iPad) doesn't hit stores till later this spring, I had the chance to take one for a test drive last week. Read my report on

The Globe & Mail has a roundup of book apps for the iPad.

Digital DIY
Here's how to make your own digital books.

The end might be nigh!
Mike Shatzkin at offers a thoughtful post about how e-books are going to radically re-shape publishing as we know it (be sure to check out the comments discussion on Shatzkin's post, where he enters into a vigorous debate with Trident Media's Robert Gottlieb). And Michael A. Stackpole at HuffPo adds to the discussion with some great analysis. (Thanks to Jesse Huskein for the links.)

EFF books
Those wanting to understand the full ramifications of e-books might want to dip into the Electronic Frontier Foundation's list of best books on the subject. They cover everything from copyright to surveillance.

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Shaun Smith is a novelist and journalist living in Toronto. His young adult novel Snakes & Ladders was published in January 2009 by the Dundurn Group.

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