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Having your $3-million and eating it too
Yann Martel responded to his critics in an interview with the NatPo's Marc Medley last week. As I blogged about last week, Martel's new novel Beatrice & Virgil has been receiving a savage thrashing from the critics. It is always interesting to see the rationalizations kick in when some authors get bad reviews. Adopting what seems a rather self-mollifying attitude, Martel says, "I don't read every single review carefully -- good or bad -- but generally the way a work of art is received is part of the dialogue of art, so that's important." Ah, so if his book was getting shiny, happy reviews he wouldn't pay those reviews much heed either, right? When book reviews are positive, publishers love to slather pull quotes all over book covers, but when reviews are bad, authors, publishers and editors are always so quick to discredit book reviewing. Funny how that works.

Reading in circles
Who needs an iPad or Kindle when you can take your books with you on a circular walking book shelf by architect David Garcia?

One e-reader = 33 pounds of minerals & 79 gallons of water
Think e-book readers have a lower environmental impact than paper books? Think again. In a recent NYTs op-ed, Daniel "Emotional Intelligence" Goleman took a look at the ecological impact of e-book readers as compared to paper books. According to Goleman, you will have to read 100 books on your new iPad or Kindle before the environmental impact of that device is negated.

Readin' books on them newfangled gas-powered windows
Irish author Colin Toibin pulls a fuddy-duddy and ages himself a good 20 years in this Reuters piece in which he espouses on the challenges of modern technology.

I heart sea monkeys
Check out some classic comic book adverts courtesy of blogger Paxton Holley.

Picturing books
Picture Book Report has asked 15 illustrators to create images inspired by their favourite novels. The first ten have been posted, and the last five will go up this week. There's some really great stuff here worth checking out.

Cover conclusions
Motoko Rich at NYTs and Bob Greene at CNN (with slide show) both lament the potential demise of the book cover.

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Shaun Smith

Shaun Smith is a novelist and journalist living in Toronto. His young adult novel Snakes & Ladders was published in January 2009 by the Dundurn Group.

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