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Donald who?
Call me a Philistine, but I had to Google Donald Judd's name to find out who he was when I read this NYTs story about his personal library. Turns out he was an important American minimalist artist who died in 1994. Okay. It is not so much that I am interested in minimalism, though, but rather it was the virtual tour created by the Judd Foundation of his library that caught my eye because it provides a rather fascinating bit of snooping.

It amazes me that it took a twenty-year study to confirm this.
Once again folks: books + kids = smart kids

Kids books are killing the planet
You know that book you bought for your kids about environmentalism? Yeah, that one about saving tree frogs, or stopping climate change, or how fun it is to recycle? Bad news: according to a new study from the Rainforest Action Network, it was probably made with at least some wood pulp from endangered Indonesian rainforests.

They need a society for that?
Michael J. Miller at PCMag went to a trade show for the SID (that's the Society for Information Display, thank you) and he brought back a tidy roundup of future e-reader display technologies. There's some pretty cool stuff coming down the pipe.

Goodbye Paul
The Globe has posted one of Paul Quarrington's last songs, Hello Jim.

Moby Awards
The winners of the inaugural "Moby Awards" for best and worst book trailers have been announced, but you'll have to visit the finalists page if you want to actually see the vids.

"It's almost like holding a webpage in your hand."
Stephen Fry buys a 3G iPad. When was it exactly that he stopped being funny?

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