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Did the machine on which you're reading this contribute to mass slaughter and rape in the Congo?
Nicholas D. Christoff in a NYTs op-ed drew attention to an abhorrent situation recently. We've all been hearing about e-books and the devices on which they are read. It seems some such devices — computers, cell phones, e-readers, etc... — may contain minerals that were sourced from Congolese warlords who control the Congo's mining industry by ruthless means. According to a video released by Raise Hope for Congo, which spoofs Apple's famous Mac vs PC TV ads, these "conflict minerals" (tin, tantallon, tungsten, gold), have been "fuelling the deadliest conflict in the world since WWII. Five million killed in the past 10 years, hundreds of thousands of women and girls raped." Visit Raise Hope for Congo to learn what you can do to take action against manufacturers who use these minerals in their products.

"Nature hath fram'd strange fellows in her time."
Remember that supposed British playboy who tried to hawk a hot Shakespeare folio? According to the Independent, he says dastardly librarians may be conspiring against him. Never trust a librarian!

Keep your receipt
Portland's Tin House magazine is taking unsolicited submissions, but there's a rather interesting catch.

"completely unsympathetic to youth"
On last week, Bret Easton Ellis reflected on his first novel, Less Than Zero, written some 27 years ago, and to which his new novel, Imperial Bedrooms, is a sequel.

Because I know you've all been waiting
Here's an update on...yawwwn!...advances in E-Ink technology.

How to get ahead in publishing
Stacy May Fowles has a provocative piece on the Walrus blog about the flirtatious life of a young woman (herself) working in publishing.

R.I.P. Dame Beryl Bainbridge
The great Beryl Bainbridge died last week. Thankfully, her brilliance lives on in her books. If you don't know her work, I point you in the direction of Every Man For Himself, one of my all-time favourite novels.

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Shaun Smith

Shaun Smith is a novelist and journalist living in Toronto. His young adult novel Snakes & Ladders was published in January 2009 by the Dundurn Group.

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