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They obviously haven't been to the Hockey Hall of Fame
Remember that odd and rather interesting catch mentioned last week, regarding Tin House magazine's submission guidelines? Well, their request that submissions to the fall edition of the magazine arrive accompanied by a bookstore receipt generated a flurry of snark from commenters over on Of itself, that's not very interesting. The commenters seem more engaged with silly banter and taking pot shots from the shrubbery than with embracing the spirit of the Tin House initiative (ie: to encourage people to buy books), which I think is kind of noble. An offspring of the comments, however, provided some great entertainment, as rival lit mag Uncanny Valley posted some rather exacting — and chuckle-worthy — guidelines of their own to their website. (They obviously haven't been to the Hockey Hall of Fame, though, where anyone can touch the Stanley Cup and be photographed doing so.)

Library Cards
You can buy some really splendid library cards on etsy.

Page Turner
According to, Microsoft aims to patent the electronic page turn.

I'm really becoming a Laura Miller fan. (Yeah, I know, late to the game.) She has a fun piece about author blurbs over at, inspired by a contest at The Guardian asking people to write the most pompous and grandiloquent blurb for The Da Vinci Code.

Harlan Ellison had a sale last week and I missed it! Dang! To think for a mere $100 I could have been the proud owner of a signed hardcover novelization of The City On the Edge of Forever, Ellison's pilot for Star Trek. I weep! Oh well, it gives me an excuse to re-post one of my all-time favourite You Tube rants: Ellison on paying the writer.

"During the trial Scott courted attention, dressing up as Che Guevara and arriving in a stretched limousine - complete with chilled champagne."
Remember the playboy poseur who appeared at the Folger Library trying to flog a rare Shakespeare folio which he claimed to have found in Cuba? Surprise! He was found guilty of possessing stolen goods. (And he ain't no playboy either. He lives with his mom.)

"music for us to enjoy"
Happy 50th birthday to Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird!

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