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Whither the library?
Pillip Kennicott of the Washington Post has an excellent meditation on the obsolescence—in the face of electronic books—of the personal library, of the space, that is, the room we call a library. My favourite line: "Sitting on a shelf, Thomas Mann's Magic Mountain stares down as coldly and harshly as an alp in winter. Locked up in the digital ether of a Kindle or a Nook, it can never indict our miserable laziness."

Big books
In Kansas City, Montana, the façade of the public library's parking garage is lined with 25-foot-tall book spines. Check it out.

Big writing
While I can't condone the message, it is fascinating to see that some tool with a lot of spare time used GPS and Google maps to digitally "write" three enormous words across the continental USA.

Moody moodily
Author Rick Moody, answers the question "How has the recession hurt literature?" on Big Think. The answer ain't good, if that is, you are an experimental writer and hope to pay the rent.

Salinger's throne
J.D. Salinger's toilet is up for auction on ebay. No shit.

Pouts out, sneers in
Orbit books has posted their annual survey of trends in fantasy book-cover illustration. The focus this year is on heroines, and we learn that stilettos are out, as are crossbows and vampire boyfriends. In are crop tops, guns and crouching.

The Guardian wants to give the book with the smuttiest title a Wankh.

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