Trillium Book Awards Author Reading 2015


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Picture me this
On The Guardian, British Children's Laureate Anthony Brown presents a slide show looking at works by the best new picture book illustrators.

Leonard Cohen: poet, Buddhist monk, sleazy drug lord
The CBC has unveiled an snazzy interactive tool that they've used to set the career of poet Leonard Cohen on a timeline. You can scroll back and forth and click the various links to learn about his career. My favourite is the You Tube footage from 1986 of Cohen playing a drug Lord on the TV series Miami Vice.

"I've learned it's best to set your expectations lower"
At readings, author Francine Massey "gives it her all whether it's just 3 people or a crowd of 9 people," according to The Onion.

Signing e-books
Authors can now autograph e-books, even remotely.

Libraries and the digital abyss
As Publisher's Weekly reports that some quarters experienced +200% growth in e-book sales for February, both NPR and The Guardian are wondering how e-books and lending libraries are — or aren't — going to get along.

Restaurant bookings
A restaurant with walls made of...yeah, you guessed it.

Tree of codes
Dan Wagstaff at CasOpt has dug up a great video showing how Jonathan Safran Foer’s die-cut novel Tree of Codes was made. (Though I'd rather have a bit of narration than the video's lame emo music.)

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