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Soft-balling Davidar
According to an absurdly softball report published by the India Broadcasting Network, David Davidar, the disgraced former CEO of Penguin Canada who was fired last year after a former staffer brought a sexual harassment suit against him, has landed on his feet, launching a new publishing co-venture in India. In what seems an almost begrudging final line to an otherwise gushing report, IBN states: "Davidar had to leave Penguin Canada after a controversy concerning allegedly inappropriate behaviour with a colleague." Could that be any less explicit?

So you want to be a writer, eh?
I would advise you first scan's hilarious and sobering Six Signs You're Not Ready to Make a Living as a Professional Writer. As someone who's been doing this for over a decade, I can tell you it speaks the truth.

So you don't want to be a writer, but you're prof is making you write anyway?
Check out Professor Noam Shpancer's entertaining screed on how not to f-up your college essays.

Will the e-book of the future look just like, um, a book?
I suspect you can't fold it into an origami crane just yet, but this e-ink video playing on paper-like cloth might just revolutionize the publishing trade. Think of it – eventually they might even develop the technology to bind whole stacks of such sheets and put covers on them.

Invasion of the giant robot librarians
The gigantic (and rather impressive) new Manueto Library at the University of Chicago virtually eliminates the need for librarians, replacing them with robots in an eight-story subterranean archive.

Push Pop Press
The San Francisco-based publisher Push Pop is doing some pretty remarkable design work with interactive e-books.

Pen geeks
Wired reviews 5 perfect pens.

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Shaun Smith

Shaun Smith is a novelist and journalist living in Toronto. His young adult novel Snakes & Ladders was published in January 2009 by the Dundurn Group.

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