Trillium Book Awards Author Reading 2015


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The Secret Bookstore
"It's not legal, so that's why it has to be hidden." Are second-hand books becoming a black market commodity? Visit Michael Seldenberg's secret bookshop in his New York apartment.

I can has wizard?
Pottermania is finally over. Flavourwire takes a look back at the best Potter parodies.

It's like looking into a mirror
Children's book publishing is "haemorrhaging talent" says a Bookseller article, "as authors and illustrators are finding it increasingly difficult to make a living in the children's sector." They probably could have put the period after "living".

[insert pugilistic pun here]
Seems Kobo may be trying to punch above its weight [sorry, I had to do it]. As reported in various papers, the Canadian ebook retailer, which is owned by that place, is being sued by, I mean former boxer Muhammad Ali. Why? For use of Ali's signature phrase "float like a butterfly, sting like a bee" in a NYTs advert last month. The slogan is trademarked by Ali's company, so they allege infringement.

This public library brought to you by Coca Cola.
Toronto's city council is actually considering privatising city libraries. What the heck is wrong with this town? Oh yeah, it's this creature.

What are the pirates reading?
Arrrrg! At the moment they seem to have a taste for Men's Fitness, Playboy Magazine, Excel spreadsheets and interior decorating. Here are Pirate Bay's, I mean top illegal downloads in books. (via Media Bistro.)

No wonder they say books are too expensive
Oldest soccer rule book gets $1.4 million
Jane Austen Manuscript sold for $1.6 milion
Old timey prayer book, only $14.3 million

July Craft
Don't forget to check out this month's Fiction Craft on Open Book Ontario. The question: How do you approach research for your fiction? Answered by: Peter Behrens, Christy Ann Conlin, Heather J. Wood, Frieda Wishinsky, Maureen Fergus, Hal Niedzviecki, Karin Lowachee and Allison Winn Scotch.

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Shaun Smith

Shaun Smith is a novelist and journalist living in Toronto. His young adult novel Snakes & Ladders was published in January 2009 by the Dundurn Group.

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