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The Times of India reports that bedtime stories make kid smarter.

20 greats
The Telegraph's Lucinda Everett selects her choices for "The 20 greatest children's books ever". It's a good list, but I'd kick out all the Harry Potter junk and sub with Charlotte's Web.

Just curious
The Guardian offers up a gallery of Curious George images from an exhibit at the The Jewish Museum in New York.

Happy Easter from Phillip Pullman
You know this can't end well. Just in time for Easter, children's author Philip Pullman has published a new book about the fairy tales behind which the lovely folks at the Vatican cower. The book, titled The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ, is something of a, let's call it re-imagining of the Jesus story and has already irked scads of believers. Hear Pullman reading from the book, as well as some other babblers giving it the old dissection on The Guardian's book podcast. (Coincidentally, the podcast also contains a report about vampires at the Bologna children's book fair.)

Slush jr.
So you want to write a kids book? The National Post's guest blogger Hadley Dyer looks at the problem of crap kids manuscripts.

Comic irony
BoingBoing reviews the new Marvel comics app for the iPad. I guess it's old fashioned of me to suggest there's something of a disconnect here between the cheap, pulp, kid-budget-friendly nature of comics and the cost of this device.

RIP Sid Fleischman
Newbery Award-winning author Sid Fleischman passed away last week at the grand old age of 90.

*Apologies to my regular Sunday readers for the tardiness of this post. My partner Shannon gave birth this weekend to our baby girl, Maude, and, well, something had to give. Thanks for understanding. -- Shaun

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Congratulations Shaun & Shannon! Welcome, Maude!

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