Trillium Book Awards Author Reading 2015

Summer 2010

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The 48-Hour Interview

Eye on the Prize

Booklovers Diane Miljours & Elana Rabinovitch discuss their work at two of Canada's biggest literary awards

Over a 48-Hour period, Diane Miljours, Officer in charge of the Governor General’s Literary Awards, and Elana Rabinovitch of the Scotiabank Giller Prize, and also founder and director of the media-relations company Propaganda Ink, talked about their career paths, writing and the pleasure of overseeing two of Canada's biggest literary awards.

Diane Miljours:

I am very pleased to meet you.



By Melanie Janisse


The chop is up. My father has just dropped me off in Leamington at the ferry dock and I am actually wondering if the ferry to Pelee Island will sail. Looking out into Lake Erie all I can see is a flurry of whitecaps, menacing skies, the winds stirring up a lake seiche that throws this shallow lake into an uproar. I recall from my time living on the island that our dear lake of the cat can turn around your plans on a dime, change everything you had in mind to another whole set of circumstances.


The Topography from Here

Page, screen and hypertext fiction

By Brooke Ford The often-cited query that hums just beneath the surface of publishing reads something like this: What will the future of the book look like, how will technology shape and reshape what we read and how we read it? Plenty of headlines and blogs and articles on the changing state of print publishing have begun in much the same way, arguing that over the past few years, with the progression of technology, the written word, the book and publishing culture have changed.

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