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Toronto Publishing House Tour Round 1

Yesterday, Friday, I went off tripping to Toronto to tour the publishing houses, armed with some presentation material and some leave-behind packages. I was supposed to go with my partner in writing crime, Dew Williams, but circumstances were against us, and we planned a Round 2 instead. Round 1, I was accompanied instead by my friend and illustrator/graphic designer/fashionista, Gareth Adamson.

Queries, Endorsements, and Editors

Happy Halloween!! It's been a while since I've been here, for sure, but you can catch all my latest action at my author blog, SUPERMAN DISPOSITION at:

You can also go there to see that I was at MIYAVI's concert in Toronto on Devil's Night, moshing and then mingling with the star. What a wonderful night!

So, I come to you today to talk about my experiences and offer some advice for getting in touch with agents, editors, publishers, and even celebrities.


My novel TETHERED ROMANCE has been one that has been hugely anticipated. I've spoken about it before, but I'll just recap. I started writing it when I was in college, and it's been a wild on and off journey ever since. It's gone through some edits, and now it's coming to an end. It's getting ready to be presented to the world. You can read the in depth description of TETHERED ROMANCE in the Discussions section of my Superman Disposition Facebook page. Here is the thread. There are many discussion threads about the characters and themes of TETHERED ROMANCE on the page.

Government Grants and Photoshoots

I have a new photoshoot up on my Facebook page, which can be accessed: here. It was a trial with makeup effects and demonology - you know, sticking to walls and what not.

Google Books

THE REALITY FILTER is now being shared on GOOGLE BOOKS. If you're wondering about my writing style, or even just about the story in THE REALITY FILTER, you can get a huge preview with Google Books!

After you get a taste, THE REALITY FILTER still available on and!

The Power of a Cover

THE REALITY FILTER has a new cover! The redesign was prompted by my publisher, to give the book an eye catching boost. Do you remember the old cover?

I am the designer and maker of both covers! Let's compare the two.

The Marilyn Manson of Literature?

Me? Called the Marilyn Manson of literature? Let's break this one down! Disperse and Dispell - Or prove it to the masses!

Marilyn Manson, goth rock icon, standing up for the freaks of the world. He asks us to see the evil within ourselves, and then challenge it - fight it and break it down. He calls on our opinions of religion, fears, and the potential for evil in every person. You can also access this post at Check it out to read all the other posts about my writing career!

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