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Year End Wrap Up 2012:

Okay, take it easy on me this time. I actually got bullied by email (I won't name names —Charles—but you know who you are) after that last post about games. Jokers like that make so much of what has been sweet this year even sweeter. I've read two Cormac McCarthy novels this week and not taking any you-know-what.

2012 has been quite a year. To get you up to speed on The Drifts Live we've pitched it in NYC to a slew of big and small producers, brought on a couple of new collaborators and started to get a little public funding for further development. We made a pitch reel too.

The Games People Play

All people play games. It’s in our nature. We do it at the grocery store, in our minds, with our spouses, with people we don’t like and those we love—it’s a fundamental part of how we make it through.

I've come to the take that in any interpersonal exchange (even if one of the people isn't present) that a game is in play. The ball is in the air—or not.

But, writers often leave the game-playing out.

One of the most effective and efficient, not to mention resonant, ways of allowing readers to have their own experiences amongst our words, is to allow our characters to play the games they know so well. We all do it.

Writers' Circle Next Session Starts in January.

We're halfway through the Fall session of the Writers' Circle. Reserve a spot in the next session now. Enrolment is very limited.

Location: Downtown Toronto Duration: 8 weeks. 3 hours

Fall 2012: Sundays, 20 Jan.-10 March., 2013, 4-7p Class-size: very limited

Cost: $320.

Writers' Circle Booked & On My Desk...

I don't know about you, but there are moments when being a writer is like playing that game at the fair where one whacks at some animal coming up out of holes, here and then there, and then there.... First world problem. Anyway, I've dove-tailed off 'Tom Meuley' (the fiction love prose poem to Toronto and Canada [read: literary novel]) to brush up 'Alice Mitchell', a screenplay I researched and wrote years ago. But it's such a relevant story, that I am bound and determined to find a producer to take it on.

Workshops for Writers

Hi OB-ers,

Several students and others have been asking me for awhile if I'd lead private writing workshops. While I am loathe to hustle students, I love teaching and am always down for more of it, time permitting.

So, please check out the fresh workshop environment I've put together, The Writers' Circle. It's where invited participants come to workshop and deepen their fiction, screenplays, essays, memoirs, etc.

Each session will focus on a different area of our work: story, character, setting, dialogue, rewriting, events, present circumstances, rhythm, and so on.

Writers bring their work and we will workshop it, usually with an eye to that week's topic.


So, is anyone out there using Wattpad? If you are, can you share how you're using it? Is it to build awareness, get a book deal...? It seems to lean heavily to sci-fi, fantasy, teen fantasy, horror, etc. But then our Margaret A. posted a poem up there as did Vincent Lam. He did a beautiful memoir-ish response to questions about his new book.

Then, too, are Gutenberg files of things like Emerson's Essays (I always have to have those nearby 'c I get thirsty), some Dickens, various Scriptures, etc.

Posting New Novel Excerpts—Good Idea or?

So, I've started tweeting excerpts of my second novel. Just to build awareness and to get sections out into the open air some. I'm not looking for approval or evaluation, per se. Much more interested in building awareness that it's a thing on its way into the world.

Authors, readers: What do you think about that?

The Drifts Live: the novel on stage

OBers, Oh, what a full time it's been. I am resolved to be a much more consistent blog poster. For what it's worth I haven't been able to even blog on my own blog! I'm on the homefront for a while teaching screenwriting and now novel writing at UT SCS. So, we have psychic space and breathing room.

Honestly, I've been running around like a crazy chicken for a year and a half. Lots more to fill you in on. Lots of passages this summer. Some very sad and unexpected. Others, like getting "The Drifts" up on its feet in front of audiences, like beautiful and inspiring gauntlets.

Creativity Market: Creative Writing in the 21st Century is Out!

Hi All,
Since you tracked with me from invitation to write the chapter, to research, to the writing of it I wanted to let you know—it's here!

Creativity Market: Creative Writing in the 21st Century (Multilingual Matters, 2012) collects essays from scholars and writers (like me!) to position what we do in the global economic & social context. Have a peak.

Here's what a couple of people have said about it:

2012 with a Bang!

2012 is starting out with a bang!  As I have moved from the active promotion of The Drifts book, I am in rehearsal and pre-production for a staged version of excerpts from the book. I will be doing 5 shows at The Complex in Hollywood, CA June 8-9 (previews) and June 14-16 (peformances) as part of The Hollywood Fringe. Shortly, I will put up a link to our Kickstarter campaign where you can support this exciting project and earn rewards.

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