Trillium Book Awards Author Reading 2015

The Death of Printed Textbooks

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If your a book designer you might want to systematically destroy every Kindle and Sony Reader in sight (over some hot beats by the Geto Boys!). If not, and you are a card carrying member of the digerati, it was inevitable. When Blyth Academy in Toronto became the first school in the world to begin the process of replacing their textbooks with Sony Readers, it made me think a bunch of things. Thats a great publicity stunt for the school to increase interest and enrolment (Blyth who?). Sony wins (once TDSB schools pick up on this trend, aided by the local digerati and blogosphere, it's Sony 3 Kindle 1, up by two). It also brought back memories of being in high school and middle school hundreds of years ago, and slogging my way through hallways with these gigantic crates of paper, wondering if it might cause lower back pain down the road. Printed textbooks are heavy. And cumbersome. It's fine that these youth can now load up and carry with them the entire history of the universe (and yesterdays homework assignment, and the background reading materials needed to complete said exercise) in these handsome little gadgets. However, let's say a few of the students parents are kinda hippied out, aren't up on the Crackberry's, enjoy the soft caress of a W.E.B DuBois tome, and think Iphone is the name of a new cereal. Is there still some room for maverick young thinkers to have a say in this, y'know like kids who actually don't mind learning penmanship and how to spell without the aid of spellcheck, or who love the feel of a graphic novel in their hot sweaty Guitar Hero'd out palms? Is having a choice or say in all of this dead too? Uhhh, does Blyth Academy offer adult post grad courses...