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TTC (Totally Terrible Cop-Out)

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The work of the author, griot, poet sometimes is to project and predict future happening, trends, and patterns in our fair city and country - its why i refer to myself as a "streetcorner seer" at times - in my original blog post Unhomage to the TTC i described Adam Giambrone as being asleep at the streecar wheel, or as one blogger put it "a local trainwreck disguised as politician" that adam giambrone has withdrawn from the mayoralty race, admitting to having multiple affairs, my immediate thoughts are, has the Tiger Woods situation not taught him anything?

November 28, 2009
Grin and bare it. Adam Giambrone is still the TTC's Chairman. And the transit corporation he heads up is steadily turning into a bad Jay Leno monologue. A very pale shade of its former self. So, I'm going to assemble a bunch of the Mega City's finest authors to contribute essays to an anthology which will take a critical look at how the TTC's sloganeering (The Better Way?!?) has fallen on deaf ears. Then in the summer of 2010 I'm going to assemble my A-list rap hombres, most of whom have been nominated for Juno Awards, which means they presumably take the TTC (read: beer & hockey obsessed insularity of Canada + black music productions + Toronto music critics inability to venture outside of their quasi "indie" rock comfort zone = "fast car" free existence, unlike American rap counterparts) to pen a posse cut, tearing a strip off the inept Commission and its Giambrone. Surely he jests. Not only should he not run for Mayor, but he should resign. Or get a big phat "You're Fired" by Donald Trump Canadiana (Brad J. Lamb?). Suspended token sales? Five week limited engagement of "tickets"? Unconscionable and hefty fare increases (during a downturn in the economy)? Crucial subway suicide stats being obscured (are those weekly delays on the train really due to a "personal injury"?). Is there any reason to post expected arrival times of buses when the ones on the routes we take almost never arrive those times, with impunity? Are streetcars really supposed to trail each other like this in groups of three (and then the inevitable extended long wait for who knows how long for the next batch to arrive)? Speak out Toronto area wordsmiths! Rid yourself of this deeply ingrained complacency! The pen (or keyboard) is mightier than the sword! Grow some cojones! It's a Hip Hop World...