Trillium Book Awards Author Reading 2015

Whazamo! State of the Art: Self Publishing

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The Toronto Comics Arts Festival is the most jam-packed fiesta of cartooning talent you can find all cramed under one roof. This year, rather than just show you the festival, we wanted to take a close look at the methods and means contemporary cartoonists use to express themselves today in a two-part series called State of the Art.

The first part, Self-Publishing, explores the tenacity of print culture in the age of the web. Comics artists have been printing their own books for so long it's practically a right of passage. How do they reach their audience? Why is self-publishing considered fair game for comics and graphic novels but not for other forms of writing or literature? Are they simply crazy for doing this -- or do they know something we don't? Featuring creators such as: Adam Bourret (I'm Crazy), Jim Munroe (Sword of My Mouth), Tara Tallan (Galaxion) and Chris Kuzma and Patrick Kyle from the art collective Wowee Zonk!

Video produced by Vepo Studios for Open Book: Toronto.