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Win Your In to the Broken Pencil Fantasy Party

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On Friday, August 21 at 9 p.m. at Toronto's Whipper Snapper Gallery, Broken Pencil magazine will hold its Fantasy Party with DJ Hemingway and musical guests Whale Tooth and Dinosaur Bones. It's going to be an awesome night, the only way you can attend is by being one of the finalists in their latest contest. From our friends at Broken Pencil, here's the contest blurb:


Buy a ticket, get a subscription, and you could be one of fifteen people living large at this summer's coolest, wildest, craziest, party!

Your ticket will cost you $10. For a measly ten bucks you get a subscription to Canada's most dangerous magazine, Broken Pencil, the magazine of zine culture and the independent arts. (A single issue on the newsstand costs six bucks so entering the contest means you are saving $14. Get it?)

Your ticket will also enter you into the draw to win admission to our summer BROKEN PENCIL FANTASY PARTY. Yes, this is an ACTUAL party with ACTUAL FREE BEER. It will feature bands, readings, videos, general weirdness, special guests, and the Broken Pencil intern staring wild eyed at the specter of bacchanalia and creative mayhem that will be the BROKEN PENCIL FANTASY PARTY.

The deadline to enter is July 10th, 2009. For full details, visit