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Battle of the Blades

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Battle of the Blades

Just voted my possible ten times for Battle of the Blades. I couldn't vote for just one pair. The injury level was high for at least two of the pairs, and the very fact that these three pairs had begun skating together only a few months ago meant that each of them had achieved something fantastic. I have been injured for more than six years now, and my particular injury has given me dyslexia and an inability to hang onto all the threads that it takes to write a novel. I want to get better, and to be able to play with ideas again in book-form. Writing to me was always more like weaving clouds than work. Tonight I saw six figure-skaters "surprised by joy", as a great writer once described it. Together, they (and I) all realized that the apparently impossible is never what it seems.

I want to say something about courage here. Those men! To take on the task in the first place, wearing skates with picks for the very first time, in a sport not recognizably "manly tough", coming from winning two Stanley Cups in hockey... I was awed by the courage they showed, to allow that new side of themselves to be seen by so many people. They all said how hard it had been for them. The difficulty was to be who they really are, as much as it was to become a different kind of skater. They sweated freely, but they were *figure skaters* tonight, and so they didn't squirt their faces with a water bottle. They allowed themselves to aim for beauty in a sport they hadn't realized was exhausting, a sport where injuries could ruin them just as easily as in hockey, a sport where they had no team-mates but their partner to rely on, knowing exactly how much their partner was relying on them. I honour them all, and thank the CBC for thinking up this great new show.

Because I've been unable to write for so long and there haven't been any new books by me in the last nearly ten years, libraries are not carrying as many of my books, and no bookstores are either. And so I'm the only person in the world that can supply them all (I do have them all, and a lot of all of them) to anyone interested. To buy any of them, you just have to visit my website,

I'd be very happy if you came and just visited. My site is old but more or less complete, and it'll be fun for you to visit every few weeks and see what changes are taking place. I hope you'll get to know me a little, and that you'll let me do the same for you.

The picture at the top of this blog is my cat Chloe. She was the runt of the litter, and her big brother bullied her unmercifully. One day I realized that she couldn't even play, she was so unhappy. All cats play, but she couldn't. And so her big brother had to go away, and Chloe plays all the time now, and talks, and is joyous the way we all should be. I think if she could type or figure skate, she would be a great artist.


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Oh, my, they used the picture of me I hoped I would be able to change. Oh well, now you know how I look when I "make faces" at the camera. People do that to hide, right? They don't want to show who they really are. Well, that'll teach me not to do something silly like that again!

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