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Letters to Elyse*

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Letters to Elyse*

I mentioned to everyone I met this week (and on the Now blog) just how much I loved hearing Elyse Friedman read a short story at the House of Anansi 40th Anniversary party at the IFOA. I spend a lot of time at literary events making sure my dates have enough alcohol and are kept entertained during the boring bits, and Elyse kept us both spine-straight and clutching our guts.

Thanks to Patchy Squirrel List-serve for the reminder! I will definitely walk out my door and across the park for this one:


Thursday, November 1, 7:30 pm.
Type Books, 883 Queen West

Elyse Friedman's Long Story Short (Anansi)

Very short reading. Libations/Merriment

* couldn't resist the Cure reference

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